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Building resilience

This workshop will give you an insight into the dimensions of personal resilience – in other words, all of the things that can help us become a more resilient person. There will be the opportunity to assess your current levels of resilience, and guidance on how you might improve your resilience where you need to.

This course covers:

  • Definition of resilience and the characteristics of a resilient person
  • The importance of resilience and how it helps us
  • Factors which affect our levels of resilience
  • Self-assessing own levels of resilience, identifying areas of strength and areas for development

To book the course please go to our course booking system and search for PD156.

Managing stress workshop

Run on request only basis this course is suitable for people who want to find out more about stress in the workplace. During the workshop you’ll learn about the indicators and behaviours associated with stress, and what you can do to support your team and avoid stress.

This course covers:

  • Effects of stress in the workplace
  • Symptoms of stress in the workplace
  • Identifying and explaining the behaviours which can lessen the effects of stress
  • Reflecting on your own behaviours in the workplace by using a self-assessment tool
  • Identifying areas for personal development
  • Identify actions they can take to support their team and avoid (or limit) situations where stress could occur

If you would like this training for your whole team we are happy to offer a version of this course adapted to your departments needs. Please email with your request.

Further support

Throughout the year look out for information on the Wellbeing Fayre organised by Occupational Health. Further support is available through the Occupational Health website. Additonally a list of Wellbeing benefits is also available on the HR website.

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