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Mandatory Training

QMUL expects all members of staff to complete particular forms of training during their time here. 

This is either because we have professional and ethical standards that we expect to see, to ensure that each us is treated fairly by colleagues, or because we are obliged to comply with regulation or legislation that governs how we operate.

The table below identifies the types of training, how it’s delivered, and the frequency with which every member of staff will need to complete that course. 

Please also be aware that there may be other training mandatory for your role or area; please check with your line manager.

Course Name

Owned By:

Required For:



Link (if applicable)

Bribery Act Finance All Staff Induction Yes Bribery Act E-learning
Criminal Finances Act Finance All Staff Induction Yes Criminal Finances Act E-learning
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety Health & Safety All Staff Induction + any change of location Yes Health & Safety DSE site
Fire Safety Induction & Training Health & Safety All Staff Induction + any change of location Yes Fire Safety E-learning
Safeguarding Essentials Student & Academic Services All Staff Induction + every 2 years Yes Safeguarding E-learning
Introducing Inclusion
(previously Unconscious Bias)
HR All Staff Induction + every 3 years *** ***
Cyber Security IT All Staff Induction + Annually Yes Cyber Security E-learning*
Data Protection (GDPR) IT  All Staff  Induction + Annually Yes Data Protection E-learning* 
Appraisal Training for Reviewers HR Line Managers Induction + every 2 years Yes Appraisal & Probation E-learning
Recruitment and Interview Selection HR Recruitment Panel Members Every 2 years Yes** Staff Recruitment and Selection **
Copyright Awareness Student & Academic Services Researchers,
Staff publishing resources
One-off Yes Copyright Awareness E-learning

* This e-learning is hosted externally; use your QMUL email address (e.g. to log in.  You will be prompted for the same password you use to access email, etc.

** This e-learning is not intended to replace initial training but can be used in place of a refresher.  The initial training can be booked online through the course booking site; search for PD169.

*** E-learning is being created for this subject and will be made available soon.

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