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Bespoke training

Working with your team – tailored to you.

The Professional development team have worked with colleagues across QMUL to design and deliver anything from one-off, bite-sized workshops to extended programmes on a range of topics, including:

Are a great way for your team to get away from the office and focus on issues that have been lurking for a while, have been ‘parked’, need to be introduced fresh. Awaydays are also an opportune time to identify and acknowledge team strengths and successes, as well as planning future team strategy.

PD team can meet with you to design and facilitate activities that can be fun and/or thought-provoking.

Comments from previous events include:

“..we all agreed that it was both a useful and enjoyable day and we all thought you did a great job”

“The output from the day and the suggestions will be really useful actions for us to take forward as subsequent meetings.”

Can be challenging, whether it comes in the form of a new manager, new team members or organisational changes. A team can find that their focus drifts away from their prime purpose and towards the unfamiliar or unsettling elements – distracting them from being the best they can be and creating tension.

We support teams to explore underlying causes for those distractions and tensions and develop strategies to address them.

We have run tailored Achieving Service Excellence for specific departments such as School of Business and Management, IT Services and The Library.

In addition to the regularly scheduled events list on our booking database, we can run Building Resilience as a tailored training session.

Contact us at to discuss arranging any of the above.

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