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Organisational development (OD) is any planned or managed process that aims to improve the effectiveness of an organisation. It is systems-based, supported by theory and informed by data. However, the focus is on people (e.g. behaviours, culture and leadership) rather than systems and processes alone. Its aim is to enhance organisational effectiveness and health, promote self-sufficiency and support individuals and teams in being the best that they can.


  • Diagnostic work to identify areas of focus for change.
  • Design of initiatives in collaboration with individuals and teams to achieve that change.
  • Support in the implementation of plans.
  • Interventions are tailored based on individual need and are informed by local data.

Examples of individual and team interventions include:

  • Identifying local culture and its impact on teams
  • Developing a team strategy and vision
  • Diagnosing inefficiencies in team working
  • Developing team values and behaviours
  • Change management
  • Leadership development
  • Individual coaching

Examples of projects across the university include:

  • Staff engagement (including the staff survey and action-planning)
  • Staff exit (understanding why people leave the organisation)
  • Staff performance and development (including the operation of the appraisal scheme)
  • Staff wellbeing (including understanding contributors to stress and the impact of behaviours on others)

QMUL also has active involvement across the sector, including developing sector-wide guidance on the ‘people’ aspects of OD working, exploring the employee lifecycle through the lens of engagement and investigating the link between engagement and performance.

If you are interested in an OD intervention, or would like OD representation in your project team, please contact us via

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