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Organisational and Professional Development

CPD Booking System

QMUL will be introducing a new CPD booking system in 2019/2020.

A new online training booking system for QMUL members of staff and PhD/Research Students will be introduced in 2020. The current system at will be deactivated before the end of the 2020 calendar year.

What will happen to your old data?

  • 5 years of data will be cleansed and transferred to new system;
  • Older data will be securely stored in Queen Mary but will not be directly accessible through new system;
  • Individuals/Departments/Schools can request a report of all their information directly from O&PD by no later than 15th August 2019 via; after this date any request for data from before 1st September 2014 will be subject to different arrangements.

 What happens when the new system launches?

  • A new account will be created for current booking system account holders with system activity since 1st September 2014;
  • If you are an active account holder you will receive an email with log in instructions;
  • If you have an inactive account (i.e. with no system activity since 1st September 2014 up until the launch date) or you created an account since 1st September 2014 but have no training entries up until the launch date, you will need to create a new account following the official launch;
  • If you still need to create a new account or activate your current account before the launch of the new system you can do so via and book training as per usual. A cut-off date will be announced at a later date after which you will need to wait for the launch of the new system in order to create a new account.


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