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Organisational and Professional Development


A blank white envelope on a striped backgroundThe Organisational & Professional Development Newsletter is sent out to subscribers during the first week of the month.  Some additional emails are sent when special events and programmes are taking place; however, we aim to keep these minimal!

You can either subscribe to the newsletter to receive these updates directly, or access archived versions by using the links below.

OPD Newsletter - July 2020 [PDF 133KB]

OPD Newsletter - June 2020 [PDF 136KB]

OPD Newsletter - May 2020 [PDF 163KB]

OPD Newsletter - April 2020 [PDF 126KB]

OPD Wellbeing Update #1 - April 2020 [PDF 133KB]

OPD Wellbeing Update #2 - April 2020 [PDF 146KB]

OPD Newsletter - March 2020 [PDF 138KB]

OPD Newsletter - February 2020 [PDF 149KB]

OPD Newsletter - January 2020 [PDF 179KB]

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